Wood decks  and cedar siding can increase the over all  appearance of your home, however when  wood is left untreated and uncared for the wood begins to deteriorate quickly. Rain melting snow causes wood to swell the sun heat causes  wood to shrink  and warp.   Mold, Mildew and Moss also can deteriorate wood causing it to decay and rot.    In order to protect your wood from the un forgiven elements of nature one has to maintain the wood by preserving the wood.  When you contact us we will come and assess the state of your deck.  If your deck has  no stain we will apply a pre carbonate cleaner to free the wood from dirt, mildew, mold and other foreign elements .  We will apply an wood brightener to the wood to neutralize and brighten the wood  and get it ready for stain.  If the wood has a failing stain,  we will use a stripper to remove the existing failing stain and then apply a wood brightener.  As a final step we will detail sand your deck to get it ready for stain.   We will use a stain that is commercial grade stain  that penetrates deep into the wood protecting from outdoor elements  giving your wood a long life.