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At Pro Clean  Soft Wash LLC, we use a five step  cleaning process.  First we rinse all the plants around your property to ensure they are being protected and not damaged.  We then begin by soaking the entire surface of your property to knock loose any dirt that may adhere to your property. We then apply our cleaning agents to the surface of your siding and begin the cleaning process .   As mildew mold and foreign agents will begin to dissipate  from the siding we will begin our rinsing process to ensure that your property will be left in pristine condition.  We will finish our cleaning process by removing those stubborn stains from the gutters so that your property will be the envy of your neighborhood for years to come.  As an optional step we can apply a mildew mold inhibitor  to prolong the life of your siding ask us for more details.  We only use a minimal amount of pressure to insure that your siding or residence will not be damaged.